Introducing True Stories of Ultra-Luxury

We are delighted to introduce you and your clients to True Stories of Ultra-Luxury, a new series of videos exploring how Seabourn’s service and attention to details come together to consistently surprise and delight our guests with the most amazing experiences. Why? Because we know that when you focus on the small it turns into something really big.

From celebrating birthdays around the world to finding lost treasures—we make extraordinary happen in memorable Seabourn Moments. These videos are a great way for your clients to appreciate the Seabourn Difference.

The videos include an overview of the series as well as specific stories:

  • Celebrate—when two celebrations were better than one while crossing the International Date line
  • Cuisine Inspiration—about what happens when a new ingredient is discovered by a chef’s keen attention to details.

View and share these inspiring videos with your clients now and look for more to be released soon.

For more information, contact Seabourn Sales at 800.929.9595 or visit