Seabourn Academy Corner

We are thrilled to continue to get great feedback on our NEW Seabourn Academy®. We love hearing from you! Read what your fellow travel advisors are saying. If you haven’t already, make sure to login and start learning now.

Congratulations on providing the best cruise line training program that I have taken to date. Here’s why: 1) Great Seabourn specific content. 2) Excellent industry applicable sales training. 3) Quality Electronic Learning Management System structure and processes. 4) Thoughtfully prepared quizzes and exams. Some training that I have taken strikes me more as a token “check in a box” offering that satisfies management’s need for a training program rather than delivering on its purpose.
— James Morrice, Ideal Direct, Kirkland, Québec, Canada

This was by far the best training I have done.
— Shelly Sanders, Avoya Travel, Fort Lauderdale, FL

This is an excellent program and should be taken by all agents who sell luxury cruises. Of course, it is especially helpful to those agents who do not know the Seabourn product well or have never experienced the product.
— Barbara Lewitt, Plaza Travel, Encino, CA

Here’s an excerpt from Course 103: The Art of Ultra-Luxury Leisure.

People who like and are interested in other people love sailing on Seabourn. The guest capacity is unintimidating. Your clients soon recognize and get to know everyone on board. They are more than likely to find new friends that they may keep for the rest of their lives. It just works that way. That’s because our ships are specifically designed to encourage and support sociability. In Course 102 we mentioned that guests on Seabourn ships feel a pleasant sense of membership, enjoying the sort of recognition and benefits that they might expect in an exclusive country club or social organization. For the right sort of person, it is very appealing.

Two key elements of Seabourn’s onboard product that encourage and support sociability are:

  1. Complimentary premium spirits and fine wines available at all times on board. Although this may seem at first glance to be a financial benefit, for affluent clients its importance is primarily social. Joining new people in a lounge for a drink is relaxed and carefree when nobody has to pick up a tab. Waiters are not incentivized to sell drinks. They are there simply to serve the guests’ wishes. This results in a relaxed, sociable climate.
  2. All dining alternatives on board are complimentary, and most are open seating. Guests dine when, where and with whom they wish. The choice is with the guest. If your clients meet someone they enjoy over pre-dinner drinks, they can spontaneously go to The Restaurant and request a table to dine together.

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