Onboard Sales: A Win-Win-Win for Everyone

Trust is a key aspect of any good business relationship—and having a supplier you can trust is one of the most important in your career as a travel advisor. You want a partner who will value your partnership, not try to inch you out of the equation. Seabourn has over 30 years of legacy and for all those years we are proud to have been your trusted partner. We are continuously developing tools and programs to help you enhance your business and increase your sales with Seabourn and are committed to delivering an experience that not only surpasses your clients’ expectations but yours by helping you sell and earn more. Seabourn’s Onboard Sales program is a wonderful example of how we support our travel advisor partners again and again—it truly is a win-win-win for all. Read on to find out how it works.

The best time to tempt your clients with another Seabourn cruise is while they are already enjoying the cruise you sold them. They don’t need to be convinced that a Seabourn cruise is an extraordinary vacation because they’re in the middle of experiencing it thanks to you—and they’ll never be more receptive. Everyone at Seabourn is dedicated to making the most of your successful sales effort, both as a source of client satisfaction and source of more profit for you.

To encourage your clients to sail with us again while on board we offer an Onboard Booking Savings program, which offers guests:

  • An extra 5% savings off their future cruise fare, on top of the publicly offered savings for the cruise of their choice.
  • These savings are secured by making a $500 Future Cruise Deposit with the Cruise Sales Specialist on board the ship.
  • Guests can buy as many Future Cruise Deposits as they want and use them any time within the next four years, receiving 5% savings on each cruise booked with one of their deposits.
  • Future Cruise Deposits are fully refundable and automatically refunded if not used within four years.

To assist you and your clients with future sales we have Cruise Sales Specialists on every ship for every cruise. They are knowledgeable, easy-to-talk-to staff members who are always available to advise, suggest and facilitate future bookings on Seabourn for our guests. They are your allies working on your behalf by providing expert advice about our ships, offering presentations about itineraries that may be of interest to guests, facilitating deposits or bookings, securing preferred suites and departures while you remain your clients’ agent of record.

New Video
We have created a new video that we are showing guests on board our ships to talk about and explain the benefit of booking their next cruise with the Cruise Sales Specialist. You can share the video with your clients as well before they sail. It’s a great way to help increase your sales.

What’s in it for You?

  • You will receive immediate confirmation of any deposit or booking and as the advisor of record you get full credit and commissions on any future bookings they make.
  • These future booking benefits help strengthen your client relationships and boost your sales.

Be sure to tell your clients about these benefits before they embark on their cruise, so they’re more likely to seek out a Cruise Sales Specialist who can book their next cruise on board. The only way they can purchase Future Cruise Deposits is from the Cruise Sales Specialist on board. When they return home, you will continue to handle their new booking.

To find out which of your clients have Future Cruise Deposits, logon to POLAR Online and request Deposits. Once you have the list you can pick a few cruises that you think would be attractive to each guest. Make contact and encourage them to use their Future Cruise Deposit(s) now. Often guests forget that they have them and are thankful for your follow-up as they book another cruise. You can also work with your Seabourn Key Account Manager or Business Development Manager to obtain a contact list of your guests with “open” Future Cruise Deposits.

The Win for All
With our Onboard Booking program, everyone wins. Your clients receive 5% Online Booking Savings, with only a $500 initial deposit, and look forward to another memorable Seabourn cruise—while you enjoy the fruits of our partnership: loyal clients and increased revenues.

We value your partnership and are always looking for ways to strengthen our relationship and help you grow your business and profits. Being your trusted supplier and one you can count on is important to us.

For more information, contact Seabourn Sales at 800.929.9595 or visit www.seabourn.com.