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Seabourn Academy Corner

We have been receiving great feedback on our NEW Seabourn Academy®. Read what your fellow travel advisors are saying. If you haven’t already, make sure to login and start learning now.

Many cruise lines offer exceptional training, however, Seabourn’s training stands far above the rest. Thank you for a truly outstanding course! This information will be invaluable in selling Seabourn.
— George Cuthbert, George Morrison Cuthbert and Zac, San Clemente, CA

Wow, I learned so much about Seabourn and am very excited about the potential to help clients realize the benefits, make the purchase and ultimately sail aboard your ships. Thank you!
— Patrice Feltes, Feltes Travel, IL

My favourite training so far. Very in-depth, but I definitely feel I now have the ability to confidently sell a Seabourn cruise!
— Amy Newton, Expedia Cruise Ship Centers, Medicine Hat, AB Canada

Having been in the cruise business for over 30 years this has been the most informative well-presented training program!
— Sheri Langer, Cruise Away, New City, NY

Learning to sell, shouldn’t feel like work and that’s why Seabourn Academy is so successful. Here is an excerpt from Course 102, The Elements of Ultra-Luxury.

The key advice about suggesting the right suite for your clients is to listen to their needs and recommend accordingly. Guests typically choose their suites based on personal preferences. You should consider it appropriate to check whether your clients have considered any benefit of an upgrade that you feel they may appreciate when they book a suite. For instance, someone who likes the outdoors and fresh air may be happier in a Veranda Suite than in one of the few Ocean View Suites where they can’t open a door. A couple who go to bed or wake up at different times may appreciate a Penthouse Suite or Owner’s Suite with a separate bedroom—or even a Grand Suite with two bedrooms. These upgrades will be appreciated and valued by luxury travelers, who consider them well worth the price.

People with concerns about motion may select suites on lower decks and nearer midship. Others may wish to be closer to The Restaurant, the Grand Salon, a stairway/elevator or a favorite bar. Emphasize that on these ships, nothing is very far. The Restaurant, the Reception Desk in Seabourn Square, The Club or the open deck are just a short few steps away. The plain fact is that there aren’t really any big differences in these suites. They are all beautiful and your clients will love them.

Learn more about topics like this and how to increase your sales of ultra-luxury travel at Seabourn Academy. Plus, you'll receive special graduate rewards!

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