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Seabourn Academy Corner

Starting with this issue of Seabourn Insider we will be sharing the latest tips, techniques and insight from our recently re-launched and updated Seabourn Academy®. Here is an excerpt from Course 101, Mastering the Art of Selling Luxury Travel on the NEW Seabourn Academy online educational curriculum.   

Some of the most common myths about luxury travel or luxury travelers are:

  • Luxury travelers are older, retired, wealthy people. This is certainly not true.  Luxury cruises offer appeal to travelers of all ages. Seabourn has cruises featuring adventurous options called Ventures by Seabourn™, these optional experiences in select destinations attract younger travelers with activities such as kayaking, trekking and expedition-style Zodiac excursions. A wide range of itineraries of different lengths and in different regions can suit the working wealthy and couples with children, as well as those with the time to travel extensively.  There is a healthy population of people who, while not truly wealthy, share an affluent mindset, and indulge in luxury travel experiences by saving up for occasional splurges or special milestones. These are all viable luxury cruise prospects for you.
  • Luxury cruises are not for first-time cruisers. Sophisticated, affluent travelers who have never taken a cruise will enjoy a luxury cruise and come back for more. It is not necessary for such a person to experience cruising on a premium ship before experiencing a luxury one. Your clients who have previously taken a luxury group tour or stayed at a small luxury hotel are excellent prospects for a luxury cruise. They may not be aware that a luxury, small-ship alternative exists.
  • Luxury cruising is "stuffy" and boring. A Seabourn cruise is definitely not boring, with a wide choice of activities both day and night, and generally a fun-loving crowd on board. Today's cruisers also prefer a more casual atmosphere with no need to dress formally, and Seabourn offers that ambience. A Seabourn cruise allows the guests to curate their own experience, to be as relaxed or as active as they choose.
  • Price doesn't matter to luxury travelers. Price always matters to an informed traveler, but as we said earlier its importance is absolutely dependent on how it relates to the value they perceive. Luxury travelers want top quality and are willing to pay for it. They appreciate the value of upscale services and just need to be convinced that the value is worth the price. Selling is showing them the value.
  • Nothing to do but eat, drink, sleep or sit reading a book. Guests may choose to just sit and read a book on deck if that is what they want to do, but there is a wealth of varied activities to choose from.  A Seabourn ship is foremost a form of travel. Most days on a cruise itinerary are spent in port, where the range of options for diversions and activities is virtually endless. Guests can be as active or inactive as they desire, both on the ship and in the (nearly daily) ports of call.

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