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Top 10 POLAR Online Benefits for You

Do you want to save time and be more efficient when booking your clients cruise? POLAR Online is your 24/7 go-to tool that does more than just book a cruise. And because, POLAR Online is available all the time, you aren't limited to call center availability.

Here are 10 things you can do on POLAR Online anytime you want, in addition to making a booking:

  1. Make a payment on a booking
    You don't have to wait for call center hours of operation. With POLAR Online you can easily make a payment to a guest's booking and send a follow-up booking confirmation directly to yourself.  
  2. Do a fare comparison
    You can easily do pricing comparisons within different suite categories and voyages. 
  3. Get a promo description
    View descriptions of promo information on each sailing so you and your guests know exactly what is available on voyages they are comparing.    
  4. Access commission breakdown
    POLAR Online gives detailed commission information so you will always know.
  5. Search for available suites near a specific suite/change suite numbers
    Many guests travel together and like to be near each other. You can easily search for available suites and make any needed changes to a guest's suite assignment.  
  6. Book Seabourn Flight Ease® air or add flight details
    You can add air, transfers, hotels and Seabourn Journeys to any booking. If you get a notification for needed air details, you can simply add this information to POLAR Online without worrying about sending a follow-up email.
  7. Look up guests' Seabourn Club numbers and view loyalty information
    Club guests receive special amenities depending on their loyalty level. Adding Club numbers to a booking makes sure they get their entitled benefits and continue to earn points towards their next Club level.  
  8. Update guest details on booking (suffix, gender, age, birthdates, middle names)
    Once a booking is made if you need to add/change any guests information POLAR Online is a fast and easy solution to waiting for the call center. You are able to change Mrs. to Dr. or add middles names and birth date so you can book airfare. All those guest details can quickly be added.
  9. Apply FCC/FCD
    Many Seabourn Club guests have a Future Cruise Deposit they can add to a booking. POLAR Online is an efficient way to add any Future Cruise Deposits or Future Cruise Credits a guest might have.
  10. QBOK functionality
    QBOK is a safe place within POLAR Online where you can make changes to a booking in a test environment to see what the outcome would be. Need to cancel a booking and want to know cancel fees? Want to added transfers and hotel and see how this affects SeabournShield? You can test these changes in QBOK before making them on the live booking to know what the cost difference or cancel fees. POLAR Online is the only system that has this test environment.

To access POLAR Online and all of its benefits to you, log into Seabourn's Travel Advisor Center or, please contact Seabourn Sales at 800.929.9595 or visit